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You do this so that the issue is, ideally, where the mouse cursor resets to the middle of the screen, instead of sliding. Learn to play by keeping the cursor toward the center of your screen. When cursor resets happen, they won't be nearly as debilitating. Your camera will jerk on occasion. You'll gradually teach yourself to instinctively correct it (can be done very quickly even though it is annoying) It's a known bug that annoys the hell out of small number of people. Check the previous larger post about it, maybe it holds a solution for you: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/7o2kl0/will_the_mouse_bug_ever_get_fixed/. 5. level 1. Jhakuzi. 3 years ago. Try /rawMouseEnable 1. 2 This will hopefully solve your cursor jumping to the middle of the screen when pressing the mouse buttons Issue

If you are running Windows 7 and your cursor is flickering, locked up, or not displaying clearly in one of our games, try setting the text display settings to small. 1. Right click anywhere on the.. For those lucky ones who haven't encountered this bug yet, here's how it works: when clicking any mouse button in WoW, the mouse cursor often jumps to the center of your screen. If this happens while moving / camera panning, it will cause you to jerk around and change direction randomly (i.e. instant involuntary 180° turns etc.), which is of course a huge disadvantage as it can make you run off cliffs and hinder you when trying to select a target. This bug has been around for as. The cursor jumps to the middle of the screen and can be seen continuously, rapidly shooting from the center of the screen to the top of the screen whether i'm using it or not, with a mouse plugged or not, its driving me insane. If I am trying to click on somewhere specific on the screen the cursor will jump back to the center and go up and down. I am running Windows 10 (subscription). I have a Logitech MX Master 3 mouse. Over the last week or so my cursor started jumping around on my screen. At first it constantly seemed to jump to the left bottom corner. I thought it was the mouse and went through all sorts of troubleshooting exercises to correct the problem - I reloaded drivers, shut the system down and restarted, unpaired the mouse and re-paired it, tried to see if it worked on the cord as opposed to wirelessly. I just recieved my HP spectre x360 2017 model and straight out of the box I was having cursor issues. Whether I am using the trackpad or not using the trackpad, the cursor jumps to the top middle of the screen. There are other posts which offer solutions that do not fix this problem. I have tried the following to troubleshoot: Restart Lapto

Clicking on the in game UI such as character portrait and the radar on the screen does not cause the pointer to go to the center of the screen however clicking anywhere for the free camera turning causes the pointer to go to the middle of the screen Cursor jumping to the middle of the screen. By Grizzy, February 7, 2017 in Help & Support. Recommended Posts. It hides your mouse. It move it to the center of your screen. It enables the rotation of your screen (looking around or turning your character depending on if you left or right click. The problem is that it sometimes does #3 before #2, causing the mouse moving to the center to make your character act One common way to have mouse camera control as in FPS games is to hide the pointer, evaluate movements for a frame, and then reset the pointer to the centre of the screen. The interactive Mumble overlay does not hide the mouse from the game, so all (or at least most) mouse events will be duplicated in the game, which will then fudge up input

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I have a problem with chrome (linux OS) and stadia. The mouse still jumping back to the middle of the screen. Look at the URL for gif animation Click on Hardware and Devices and follow the on-screen prompts for troubleshooting. Method 2: Update the driver software. Press Windows key + X and select Device Manager from the list. Expand Mice and other pointing devices. Right click on the drivers and select update driver software. Hope this helps. Keep us posted on the status for further assistance When the projectors are off - the mouse will center after a few seconds. When the projectors are on - there is no problem - the mouse stays where you left it. This has just become a problem in the past few weeks either with a Windows 10 update, or a video card update, or something along these lines 4. Try this: #Persistent ;//keeps script running CoordMode, Mouse, Screen Return ;//stops auto execution F4:: ;//your code x := (A_ScreenWidth / 2) y := (A_ScreenHeight / 2) mousemove, x, y return. Without #Persistent, script would close after executing all the lines of code

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I assume you have a Logitech gaming mouse. If so then I have good and bad new for you. The good news is that there is more than likely nothing wrong with your mouse. Even a brand new logitech mouse is having the same issues. This problem is when y.. The way jumping happens for me is that I start typing in any application inside RDP via CITRIX, and then the mouse jumps onto another screen that is not even connected to CITRIX. I pull it over onto RDP session, start typing, then mouse moves onto another screen.The other screen is not even set as the main display. After uninstalling two updates, the mouse started behaving normally So I have a Razer Naga Chroma and since the Legion-Pre patch I have severe issues with mouse snapping; when I press both left and right mouse button, to move and look around, and it jumps randomly around. I have tried desperately to resolve this because it is game breaking, tried updating in synapse etc. This is not a hw issue, I never have this problem in any other game or anything Make sure you run the file you have just downloaded and follow the instructions which will appear on-screen in order to install the latest drivers. Check to see if the problem has been resolved and if mouse jumps still occur! Solution 3: Disable Touchpad Scrolling on Your Laptop. If you are a laptop user, you should consider disabling touchpad scrolling when using an external mouse. This.

I recently started playing again and I don't ever remember having this issue, but it's all over Blizz forums too as far back as WotLK and I couldn't find anything that worked. What is happening exactly is that whenever I click and hold to adjust my camera position, whether with the left or right mouse button, the mouse randomly resets to the center of the screen (10-25-2010, 01:46 PM) velhart Wrote: I was playing Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and i noticed one annoying thing: the cursor stays in the middle of the screen during gameplay. the hide button doesnt help becoz it doesnt hide it permanently. tried moving the cursor and it goes back in the middle of the screen.. The folder view will jump back to the first files in the folder after a few seconds. This occurs no matter how far down in the folder I am. I tried changing the View option to see if setting it to a horizontally-scrolling view would stop it from moving, but it still pops back to the beginning of the folder. In order to ensure it's not me accidentally scrolling with my laptop's touchpad, I have scrolled down and then completely taken my hands away from the computer, and.

@EA_Ataashi do you happen to know of a way i can fix the issue of the mouse being in the middle of the screen when i load up the game, and it moves slightly then snaps back to the middle, i cant find a fix for it anywhere, i made sure it was the only thing i had open, but didnt fix the issue, i tried re-installing the game, restarting the PC, repairing the game, and about 10 other things i could think of at the time, i even tried turning off my firewall to see if that would fix it, but it. I am running wargus at 1920x1080, which matches my desktop resolution, in fullscreen. The teleport is random. but it snaps the mouse to the nearest corner to its move path. Meaning if I am moving the mouse towards the bottom right, but in the center of the screen, it will jump to the bottom right corner at some point It started when I closed down a tab and the mouse flashed to the top left corner of my screen, now as soon as I move the mouse it instantly moves it back. Something weird is sometimes when I open up a different tab for example a game, the mouse does the exact same thing but in the middle of the screen. I have tried unplugging and re-plugging the mouse back in AND Turning On and Off The Snap On mouse feature Middle mouse button (scroll wheel) This moves the character forward. Holding down both the right and left mouse buttons has the same effect, so if your mouse just has two buttons, you can hold them both down and the same time to move forward. The best option is to set the middle mouse button to autorun. To do this, hit escape to get to the Options menu, then click on Key Bindings. The first section of the Key Bindings is Movement. Find the one that says Toggle autorun. Click on.

Steps to Follow: Download and install 'Cursor Lock' in your PC. Launch the app by double-clicking on the 'Setup Cursor Lock' shortcut. Now, checkmark the 'Open Program' option and browse to the location of the game/program you want to run without your mouse pointer going to the second monitor If you are using other mice, you can try to change the mouse settings. This is because mouse scroll wheel jumps up and down sometimes if the wheel speed is set up too high. Here is what you should do: 1. Similarly, go to Control Panel > Mouse. 2. Under the Wheel tab, turn down the scroll speed. 3 Seems like a temporary problem. I have no idea how that could have come about. Does it work now? Greets, Rist The cursor moves around the screen to a different spot, seemingly with a mind of its own. The cause of this issue is the laptop's touchpad. That's the little square under the keyboard with the left and right button. It's sort of the mouse of a laptop since you can move your finger on it to determine where the cursor is on the screen Posted January 5, 2018. If I remember correctly, those bars were added with the launch of legion and are a part of the default UI. Some addons have options to disable them, and I'm pretty sure there's an option in the Interface options panel that allows you to disable it (can't remember what the option is right now). 1

Mouse can't click in centre of screen. Archive View Return to standard view. from May 2010; to June 2010; last updated - posted 2010-Jun-26, 9:05 am AEST posted 2010-Jun-26, 9:05 am AEST User #310671 70 posts. WhyFor. Forum Regular reference: whrl.pl/Rcgx3o. posted 2010-May-6, 8:55 pm AEST ref: whrl.pl/Rcgx3o. posted 2010-May-6, 8:55 pm AEST O.P. Not sure where this problem belongs, but. Mouse Properties. For OS windows the flickering is localized to the top-left 1/3 of the screen. If I move the windows out of that portion of the screen the flickering doesn't happen, but any portion of the window that falls within the top-left 1/3 will flicker. Over entire screen for Mount and Blade Warbands. The problem just started in the. It's either Locked, Confined, or None. Cursor.visible is where you set the cursor's visibility. Click to expand... Yes, but in the unity manual it says that CursorLockMode.Locked makes the cursor invisible, regardless of the value of Cursor.visible=true I have mouse issues with the early access version myself. When the game starts in full screen mode (via maximize from task manager) the mouse cursor sometimes jumps around and is unusable. I have to press windows key + tab key to close the game then keep restarting until the mouse works correctly. Ess3xGooner If your mouse cursor is jumping or randomly moving around while typing, here are some steps you can try to fix this problem.-=- Advertisement -=-TIP: Hard to fix Windows Problems? Repair/Restore Missing Windows OS Files Damaged by Malware with a few clicks. First, we want to discuss a few common yet often overlooked possibilities that many have discovered. 1: Tech Support 101 Some people find.

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If you have a relatively standard mouse, clicking the right button and whipping the mouse left to right will turn your character. Holding down both mouse buttons will cause your character to run. Page 1 of 2 - Flickering and jumping mouse pointer - posted in Windows 10 Support: Hi all, Im trying to fix a Toshiba Satellite running Windows 10, the mouse pointer is flickering and wants to sit. Not sure if anyone else has seen this. I have published apps from a Windows 2012 R2 Machine with a local GPU. When accessing published applications from my laptop with no external monitor, then mouse position is fine. If I have an external monitor plugged in that runs at a different resolution th.. MouselookHandler can lock you into mouselook, so you don't have to constantly press the right mouse button. It also allows rebinding your left and right mouse buttons to something new while mouselook is enabled. By default, it rebinds them to strafe left and right. You can set up custom conditions that control when mouselook should be toggled as well Functionality. The targeting reticule. With this camera mode active, the mouse cursor will be locked in the middle of the screen and be transformed into a reticle. Moving the cursor will at this point move the camera with it (as it would by holding down right mouse button and moving the cursor in regular camera mode)

Funn While you are typing, the mouse pointer (cursor) may seem to move or jump around 'by itself' to random locations on the screen. The mouse pointer may also seem to automatically select text, click buttons, and activate other user interface elements within your software. When you use the TouchPad, the mouse pointer may sometimes behave as if the left TouchPad button has been clicked. Resolution. I have the erratic jumping mouse pointer. It shows up periodically. After reviewing this entire thread, you'd think the mouse manufacturers or microsoft would fix the problem. This thread started 6 years ago. Anyway, I have an HP mouse on my quad hp 64-bit 8-gb system on windows 7 that exhibits the long jump erratic movement problem periodically. I've changed mouse surfaces, mice and. Ideal working of M3 requires a 5-button mouse (one with keys on the side for horizontal scrolling), since the application uses these side keys to initiate mouse jumps. Alternatively, you may set the middle button for the same behavior as well, but that might hamper usual mouse operation. Finally, you can use the keyboard toggle (Alt + ` by default) for jumping the mouse, but in my experience.

We'll be exploring the various aspects of World of Warcraft together—starting from the very beginning. If you're a new player, this is for you. If you're an experienced player, you can use this article as a tool to help friends get into the game for the first time. Get Moving! First things first! Before you can enjoy the countless adventures you'll have in World of Warcraft, you have. Jumping screen when scrolling mouse wheel Thread starter Tracie73; Start date Jul 31, 2016; Status This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies. Please start a New Thread if you're having a similar issue. View our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site. T. Tracie73. Thread Starter. Joined Jul 28, 2016 Messages 8. Jul 31, 2016 #1 Hello, I've searched through threads and. With the Magnifier window open, press and hold the Magnify button and then move your mouse down to increase the height of the window, and up to decrease the height of the window. Move your mouse right to increase the width of the window, and left to decrease the width of the window. SUBSCRIBE RSS FEEDS I'm using an old wireless mouse and keyboard now with no problems. But I prefer the one that's gone wild as it's smaller and the mouse turns itself off. I tried changing from the USB extension directly to the MacMini but it didn't help. And the Trackpad is not connected, I've set the Mouse at a little slower and I'm not using the Natural direction

Is there an actual fix to the Mouse resets to center when

Windows 10 Version 1903 is a critical beast, when it comes to RDP sessions. I've blogged about two issues (black screen and high CPU load) associated with RDP - see the links at the articles end. Now I stumbled about a 3rd issue. Mouse issues with RDP. Noel Carboni hat brought that to light at askwoody.com within this article. Carboni has. Select a cell in the middle of some data, and carefully move the mouse cursor so that you align with the top edge of the cell - can you see that the cursor changes shape to show 4 arrows? The same happens if you move the cursor to the bottom edge of the cell, or to the right-hand or left-hand edges of the cell. Now, if you double-click the mouse while you have one of those shapes showing. Please VG, I have a problem on my Dell Inspiron 15R, Windows 8 laptop that sometimes when I use the touchpad, the mouse pointer jumps back to the right corner of the screen. Then again when I bring it back to any other place, it again automatically jumps back to the right upper corner of the screen as soon as I leave my contact with the touchpad. Please help me solve this annoying problem Mouse Cursor Is Stuck - posted in Windows XP Home and Professional: Last night while surfing the net my mouse cursor froze up in the middle of my screen. I shut down my computer and rebooted and.

Crazy mouse cursor jumping in middle of screen - HP

Step (3): Open the Tablet PC settings and click on Calibration the screen for pen or touch input. Step (4): Next, click on Calibrate button to proceed. Step (5): Once the calibration is done successfully, your problem mouse pointer automatically moves to upper-left corner of screen in Windows 8.1 will be solved. In case, this method doesn't help you to fix the mouse pointer. (RotaCast - This version is for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. For World of Warcraft: Classic use RotaCast Classic.) RotaCast is a powerful and easy to use addon that allows you to create a sequence of spells, macros, items or actions that can be cast sequentially with a single button, hotkey or mouse wheel. Adding to the sequence is as simple as drag and drop! With lots of different settings. Greetings. I am using Excel 2007 (beta), and I have been experiencing a somewhat annoying situation. Occasionally when I am somewhere down several hundred rows in a spreadsheet, and edit or add something, my cursor suddenly jumps to the beginning of the sheet (and if I remember correctly it sometimes jumps to the end). I couldn't find any answer to this question in the help file, discussion. The cursor on my Dell e6510 jumps around when typing text. It feels random. I slowed down the cursor and it still does it. an: help! i'm trying to type in word and the letters jump all over the place, i have unexplained jumping backwards, up or down or: Why does my cursor jump across the screen: Cursor jumps when in us

My cursor will occasionally jump to the same exact spot on its own (on the bottom edge of the screen, about 2/3 to the right). I also disabled my touchscreen and touchpad thinking it might be a hardware issue, but the issue persisted with both disabled. I also tried updating drivers/BIOS and even factory reset the computer, but the issue has still persisted If the mouse can work properly with another computer, then there is a problem with the connection between your computer and the mouse. And if you still cannot use the middle mouse button, then there may be a hardware problem with your mouse itself. Thus, maybe you should consider checking the components of the mouse (not recommended) or.

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  1. Mouse cursor stuck on Touchscreen and surrounded with a small box or shadowy circle - ThinkPad Heli
  2. Keyboard controls Onscreen controls Mouselook Avatar mouse steering Advanced camera controls This article explains how to control your point of view in the 3D Second Life world. Keyboard controls By using your keyboard and mouse to control the camera, you can view nearly any object or avatar from..
  3. Why is my mouse lagging in WOW!? Option 1 - Let's look at the in-game settings hardware cursor and FPS. Option 2 - Uncheck the option 'Mouse Sensitivity'

Whenever I'm playing a game, or anything fullscreen and I right click or click the middle mouse button, the cursor jumps across my screen, sometimes down or to the left. and sometimes, both. I want to avoid buying a new mouse the script is very basic - to the point that it won't work on your system unless you change the numbers around. but it might give you something to play with if you want to slide the mouse about. just to put it into context: my mouse scroll left/right buttons (on the scroll wheel) now make the cursor slide one screen across left or right They key you bound now toggles a mover on the topmost frame underneath your mouse cursor. Easiest way to reset a frame - Bind a key to Reset Frame - Safe as described above and press it while hovering your mouse cursor above the element you want to reset. Check the chatframe to verify it's the right frame before clicking the key again to confirm

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  1. Then launched it and selected Full Screen mode in the options. The game went full screen, and now my mouse cursor is stuck limited to a smaller region of the screen than is being displayed. It is still moving in an area of the screen with the same aspect ratio of the actual display but I cannot move beyond the invisible borders and therefor can't select any of the buttons
  2. Need solution for my cursor not moving on screen problem: Hi- I have WIndows 8 and the mouse moves but I nothing opens- when I move the cursor way down to bottom of screen, I see a blu: My cursor is not responding, but simply moving on the screen. The laptop is Samsung and Window 7 Installed in it
  3. From: Splinter_Within | #007 A little piece of advice in order to better kite, Move by holding the left and right mouse button at the same time, and when you need to shoot, jump up into the air and while still holding both mouse buttons down turn your character back, and use arcane shot or serpent sting or whatever hunters do, and then before landing while still holding both mouse buttons down, turn back to the original path. Generally you really dont want to use wasd for movement
  4. Mouse will move for 2-3 seconds then freeze for 1 second and then repeat this forever. This ONLY happens when the AMD drivers get installed. If I uninstall drivers mouse returns to normal. Turning mouse trail on and on low stops this from happening on the desktop. But NOT in game. In game the mouse will freeze every couple seconds so does the game

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Cursor Jumps all over screen. I noticed something similar happening in my previous laptop using Vista, but in Windows 7 it's almost unusable. As I'm typing the cursor will change positions either on the application (to another area of same application), or will jump to another document. At times I'll start to highlight something in Word to delete it, and as I hit delete the cursor switches. It isn't a mouse problem, if the mouse is normally visible in other programs. And besides, in this game, the mouse is that arrow tip thing, so it's something with the game As you can see, it seems that you just enable the Undock or Split option accidently. To move keyboard to bottom of screen, you just need to tap and hold the keyboard icon at the bottom-right corner of the keyboard, choose Dock option. To fix iPad keyboard in middle of screen, please tap and hold the keyboard icon, then choose Dock Mouse jumping from linux core back to shared windows core after mouse is clicked in linux screen. By LogicalShift, May 2, 2018 in General Discussion. Share Followers 0. Recommended Posts. LogicalShift 0 Posted May 2, 2018. LogicalShift. Synergy User; 0 1 post. To be able to go to the Mouse Properties. You can follow the steps below : Open Control Panel > Hardware and Sound; Go to Device and Printer > Mouse > Pointer Options; Uncheck the Hide pointer while typing option; And it's done. Now your pointer will never disappear again even if you are typing in Microsoft Word. Update the Mouse/Pointer Drive

Is probably not mouse cursor problem but something with CPU power/frequency management - whole system freezes for 1-10s (then is OK for a few secs and freezes again, and cycle repeats; sometimes come back to normal, but not always). It mostly follows more CPU intensive operation when processor drops back to low frequency (bellow 1Ghz - I suppose it drops too low and that might cause problems) Go ahead and update your graphics card drivers and see if that makes any difference with the cursor jumping around everywhere. You might get lucky if nothing else has worked till now. Method 4 - Disable Tap to Click. Some people have a problem where every time their finger brushes against the touchpad, it jumps to a different part of the screen. This could be caused by the tap to click option on some touchpads. Double click on the touchpad icon on your system tray, try to find.

Vertically - removes the horizontal boundaries. When the mouse pointer crosses the top boundary, it appears at the bottom boundary of the monitor, and vice versa. Entirely - removes all desktops boundaries. This option combines the behavior of two previous options 4. Change Mouse Scroll Setting. Several users suggested that changing the number of lines scrolled at a time setting fixed the issue for them. When you are scrolling, you will not notice much jumping

Cursor jumping to the middle of the screen

GW2 I had a big issue with my mouse cursor slipping off my main screen into my second screen. I also have slippage when in combat and its annoying because I can't turn my character or move my character without the mouse cursor slipping or just staying put. Someone told me it had to do with changing the sensitivity (DPI) configuration on the mouse settings. I have a naga razor classic When scrolling or searching through a large file, it can be convenient to keep the cursor line near the middle of the screen (vertically centered within the window). This tip introduces the scrolloff option, and shows another possible technique using the zz command. 1 Scrolloff option 2..

Cursor Returns to Center of Screen after Mouse Clicks

When moving my mouse cursor between monitors #1 and #3 (Primary Monitor), I am encountering all sorts of problems with its movement. - If I move the cursor from #1 to #3, the cursor would appear at the upper right corner of #5 instead. Even if the mouse is far away from the bottom of either monitors Let's see how to jump to a marked section of the page by using the <a> tag. It's quite simple! Add an id attribute to the anchor element to give a name to the section of the page. The value of the attribute may be a word or a phrase (when using phrases remember not to have spaces, use dashes or underscores instead)

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I already locked the mouse to the center of the screen. I want to make the player's screen move when she/he moves his/her mouse (just like when you're zoomed in or you're shiftlocked) KingOfHungry March 30, 2019, 2:09am #4. Then you want to use mouse delta, which will tell you what you need to know to make the camera move when moving your mouse and with a locked cursor. 1 Like. TheFuzi. Mouse malfunctions can be caused by similar issues but can also sometimes be solved by updating the mouse drivers on the computer. Users should check for new software, uninstall the old drivers and reinstall the new ones. If the problem is caused by the mouse's sensitivity, a user should find the mouse's settings and reduce the hardware acceleration. This reduces the pointer's acceleration as.

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If you are also facing this irritating problem and scroll bar in File Explorer keeps jumping to top of folder regularly, following steps will help you in fixing this uncontrollable scrolling issue: 1. Open Settings app from Start Menu. Alternatively, you can press WIN+I keys together to open Settings directly. 2 My favorite use for the middle mouse button: double-click. In other words, instead of having to manually double-click a desktop icon to launch a program or open a document, I just middle-click it My cursor will randomly move to a different part of the screen. Sometimes the cursor will jump every 30-40 seconds, sometimes every 5-10. There is no rhyme or reason Pressing 8 will upper the mouse pointer, pressing 2 will lower mouse pointer and 4 is to move the pointer to the left of your screen, and 6 is to move the pointer to the right side of your screen. When you will not need 'Mouse Keys', press Left Shift+Left Alt+Num Lock again to disable them. Sambit Koley. Sambit is a Mechanical Engineer By qualification who loves to write about Windows 10.

Mouse Jumps to the Left Side of the Screen

Windows only: Moving your mouse cursor across multiple monitors them all can be a long haul, especially in triple- and quad-monitor setups. Snap your mouse from screen to screen instead with. It wasn't a poltergeist, but for a short while, the supernatural seemed like a reasonable explanation for a customer's problem. She was typing in Microsoft Word 2011 for the Mac, and the page kept jumping around, thanks to the cursor moving to different parts of the document without her doing anything

But is there a way to jump to the top or bottom of the visible window? cursor-movement. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Feb 3 '15 at 18:08. thameera thameera. 13.2k 13 13 gold badges 37 37 silver badges 42 42 bronze badges. Add a comment | 1 Answer Active Oldest Votes. 41. Type H (capital H) to move to the top of the screen. Type L (capital L) to move to the bottom of the screen. Since every WoW player customizes their action bars in their own unique ways, it'll take some time and tweaking to find a MMO mouse keybinding setup that works for you. The best thing you can do here is to bind every extra button you have and make adjustments to the ones you find yourself using least. These are some general guidelines to help you out: Middle Mouse Wheel Click - Default bound. Key/Mouse Combination Function ; Alt-Left Click : Zoom: You can control the degree of zoom by left clicking the spot, then moving your mouse forward or back. Side-side motion on the mouse will rotate the camera round the selected spot. Ctrl-Left-Click : Orbit: Rotates the camera around the selected spot on screen. Shift-Ctrl-Left-Clic Explanation: The mouse's motion is not smooth and fluid the way it used to be or the way it should be When you move the mouse it tends to jump around or stutter, stops moving unless you shake it, or moves in a jerky fashion (the pointer seems to pause between redraws on the screen for example) Diagnosis: There are four main causes of this sort of behavior The first is a dirty mouse, which can.

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