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The Sangean ATS 909x is a great receiver but has some points to improve. I did the following modifications and I am very satisfied with it. 1) removal of wheel spring detention 2) increased SSB volume 3) narrow/wide switch activates additional 1.6kHz low pass SSB filter in position narrow I also considered to change the IF 450kHz filter wide to a wider one for brighter AM and. RadioLabs popular Sangean ATS-909X - ClearMod, is a modified version of the new Sangean ATS-909X, providing both increased clarity and sensitivity. Our amazing filter modifications, performed by skilled technicians, significantly reduces noise, static and adjacent channel splatter Tag Archives: Sangean ATS-909X Mods Two strategies to improve Sangean ATS-909X sensitivity. 25 Replies. SWLing Post contributor, Moshe, writes: I would like to share something I noticed about Sangean sensitivity issue: As I own the ATS909, I noticed that with fresh set of regular batteries (1.5V) or it's power transformer, it is very sensitive. When the voltage of the batteries drops, so. Sangean ATS-909X Mod. Thread starter joncleve; Start date May 24, 2020; Status Not open for further replies. J. joncleve Member. Premium Subscriber. Joined Dec 23, 2001 Messages 262 Location Western NC. May 24, 2020 #1 I really enjoy my Sangean ATS-909X, I've had it for a number of years and it is a fantastic portable. But I do not like the tuning wheel detent action and would like to have. The SW front ends of both the 909 and 909X are very similar, therefore the same strategy can be used to improve the sensitivity. In both radios the input amplifier consists of two parallel FETs and is geared to a 50 ohm source. A whip antenna has a high impedance (basically a small capacitor), therefore not really matched to a low impedance input

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March 21, 2017 by SWL3409PL Sangean ATS-909X Review In Spring 2011 Sangean released a much-awaited update of their flagship ATS-909 multi-band portable radio, dubbed the ATS-909X. Although the new model's number is similar, the radio is a major re-design inside and out How I modified my Sangean ATS-909x?I don't know what button I pushed, but the result is:My new radio band's: _____Factory band's:FM: 76 MHz - 108 MHz__..

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This the Sangean ATS-909X with the RadioLabs ClearMod modification. This modification greatly enhances the radio's performance and is highly recommended. The radio has excellent reception on all bands, including the often difficult higher shortwave bands and the elusive longwave band. Those who say shortwave is dead are wrong Sangean ATS-909X PLL Weltempfänger mit 406 Senderspeicher und SSB Empfang sowie UKW RDS Anzeige. Mit seiner bewährten Elektronik, fast schon ein Klassiker im Sangean-Radio Programm. Zahlreiche Test´s und Berichte überzeugen viele passionierte Radiohörer. Technische Ausstattung: • 406 Senderspeicher -alphanumerisc Sangean ATS-909 - 909x Upgrade Speaker $21.95 An amazing little 3 inch, direct drop in replacement speaker, used in RadioLabs ATS-909 Super mods. This speaker is an 8-ohm, 3 watt high performance audio tiny speaker, which produces amazing sound RadioLabs ClearMod ATS-909X FM/MW/LW/SW Receiver., a modified and upgraded Sangean RadioLabs provides the most extensive modifications on the market for this receiver. First they start with RadioLabs exclusive front-end sensitivity increase. This is very important and will enable you to pick up very distant stations NEW SANGEAN ATS-909X Shortwave Radio FM 87.5-108/MW/LW/SW PLL /Earphone+Softcase. EUR 203,71. EUR 20,61 Versand. 16 Beobachter. Weitere Artikel wie dieser. SANGEAN ATS-909X Band Radio Receiver FM/MW/SW/LW Multiband fm radio band radio s. EUR 517,05. Kostenloser Versand. Ricevitore mondiale multibanda sangean ats 909 x aux onde corte lunghe . EUR 305,00. EUR 4,90 Versand. 2 Beobachter. Weitere.

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  2. Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Direwolf131, who recently commented on one of the Sangean ATS-909X reviews in the Post archives.. Direwolf131 writes: I'm a few years after Steve's comments but I will have a go at it, at least anecdotally speaking. I've owned a half dozen Sangean ATS-909's, which includes two of the 909X's, and one super-909 from radiolabs
  3. AGC mods as described here; IF clipping mod not necessary Audio bandwidth enhancement Improved AGC response: Popular modification sites on the web have suggested reducing capacitor C57 (on Pin15 of IC1) to a value of 10 uF. I disagree, and have had better results leaving it at 22 uF. Capacitor C11 should be verified to be 4.7 uF..
  4. Hi there, I seem to be copying this station once or twice a year lol. It's definitely more difficult to hear now than it was three or four years ago. Anyways..
  5. It took a surprisingly long time for Sangean to update the 909x with the 909×2, during which companies asked valid questions about the need for further development of world band portables. Eton turned the market on its head when it introduced the still superb E1/XM which competed with the very end of SONY portable production, and co-designed with R.L. Drake added such superb features as.

The Sangean ATS-909X shortwave receiver is a PLL controlled dual conversion, digital read-out general coverage receiver with Silicon Labs DSP. It is an outstanding portable shortwave receiver for experienced listeners who are comfortable using external antennas. The 23-foot ANT-60 reel-up random wire antenna supplied with the 909X offers excellent SW performance and portability. It can be used. the Super mods to my radio. I UPS'd my radio to him, using the RMA instructions on the Repair section of the RadioLabs site. It took a few weeks to get my radio back, but there were very good reasons for the delay. First and foremost was the fact that RadioLabs had not planned on being in the mods business -- they were planning on sellin Produktinformationen Sangean ATS 909X Weltempfänger SSB Empfang Sangean ist ein Hersteller mit Hauptsitz in Taiwan, der weltweit mit seinem Modellen große Beachtung findet. Sangean ist kein Billiganbieter, sondern einer der größten Hersteller von tragbaren Weltempfängern Sangean ATS909X Portable Receiver . After using a few portable receivers like Grundig and Tecsun, I wanted something better. I spent a long time looking, then finally settled on the Sangean ATS-909X. It got very good reviews with one or two exceptions. You can find a lot of reviews on eHam. Sangean's web site is here. This receiver is definitely a cut above the others. I waited for a long time. Read Customer Reviews & Find Best Sellers. Free 2-Day Shipping w/Amazon Prime

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  1. Posted by RHF, Jul 5, 2011 4:00 P
  2. Eton Satellit 750 vs Sangean ATS 909X. Discussion in 'Scanning & Shortwave Listening' started by tochiro, Aug 7, 2011. tochiro Member. Joined: Aug 7, 2011 Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0. Hi, This is my first post. I live in Europe and I have been a SW listener for several years. My old Sangean ATS 909 has died recently and I am now looking for a replacement. I need a receiver with SW and FM and.
  3. This was discussed in the ATS-909X Yahoo Group, and one of the members came up with a 4:1 BALUN mod for the whip antenna which has resolved the problem so well that my 909X is now definitely more sensitive on the whip on SW than either the Tecsun PL-880 or the PL-660. If you have one of these radios, I highly recommend the mod. Instructions can be found in the files section of the Yahoo Group
  4. Mods to the Sangean ATS909. Well, before I go any further in this section, I'll just warn you that I wouldn't recommend to anyone who's not fully competent with electronics & soldering etc to carry out any of the modifications described. If the wrong components are removed, or static from clothes etc gets discharged on any IC's inside the unit, it could easily cause permanent damage to the.
  5. (Two strategies to improve Sangean ATS-909X sensitivity) BTW - do not spend money on the upgrade offered by Radio Labs. They are a legit outfit, but.. The 'mods' offered for the -909 series are best done on an older -909. The newer radio (-909X) has most of the mods already included - hence the new model. I seen some folks claim that Sangean took the Radio Labs mod set and built it in.

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Sangean Ats 909x Mods Note! To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. In addition, some files are archived, so you need WinZip or WinRar to open that files. Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. These free programs can be found on this page: needed progs . If you use opera you have to disable opera turbo function to download file. A New Ghost Box Hack: The Sangean ATS-909. This hack comes courtesy of a reader named Mike who came up with this hack. It is easy to disable the mute which allows for the scan to become a functional ghost box. The instructions, according to Mike, are as follows: 1st: Download the service manual for the ATS-909. 2nd: Study board layout, and schematics located at the bottom of PDF. 3rd: Scroll. Sangean ATS 909X je nová verze známého světového přijímače ATS 909. ATS909X patří k současné špičce v oblasti světových přijímačů. Pokud nebereme v úvahu vzhled ATS-909, postupoval Sangean metodou postupných změn. Proto zůstávají obsluha a základní prvky obdobné jako u předchozího modelu The Sangean 909X's FET's are different part numbers, and the IF chip is different (instead of a TA7758, the 909X uses Unisonic's version of the TA7640). The IF chip is also only partly used, apparently as an extra IF amp for the AM-SW-LW section. The way the chip seems to be configured, there may be one extra stage of amplification, which may explain the apparent improvement in reception some. As for Sangean, I haven't really heard anything from them since I got into this hobby last summer. I don't know what they could be planning. Do you know about the Super 909 that is offered by radiolabs.com? Supposedly, out of the box, the ATS-909 has weak AM and SW reception, and one of the mods in the Super 909 is enhanced reception. The blue.

The Sangean ATS-909x is an excellent radio in all respects. The best portable in my current collection. Obvious advantages found in the easy to read display, RDS, Tuning choices not forgetting that the radio is a pleasure to listen to. 4 people found this helpful. Helpful. 0 Comment Report abuse. Amazon Customer. 5.0 out of 5 stars I was so keen to have one of these I bought another and it was. × Add a Review to :Sangean ATS 909X Receiver. Category: Receivers: General Coverage: Product: Sangean ATS 909X Receiver: Summary: Rating: Time Owned: Great! Good. OK. Needs Help. Poor. Awful! 0 - 3 Months. 3 - 6 Months. 6 - 12 Months. More than 12 Months. Remarks: Describe your experience with the Sangean ATS 909X Receiver and tell us why you give it the rating you did (required). Other. We have 1 review of Sangean ATS-909X with a score of 100%. View all tests, ratings and awards for the sangeanats909x. TestSeek is an independent and unbiased review aggregator, it is our mission to collect all expert reviews and calculate an average rating for each product I called Sangean support and they said they've been getting a lot of calls with similar complaints and suggested I return it or send it to them after the V73 update is released. It is a beautiful radio, but I'm returning it and will wait. 2. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 1. Sangean ATS-909X2/Hammarlund SP-600/suburban 83m horizontal loop. 1 day ago. Yes, like my two 909Xs (2014 and 2019.

3 star review of Sangean ATS-909X, I bought this pricey SW/LW/MW/FM-RDS/radio PLL Synthesized Receiver when I saw the company description of the performance of the radio and some good reviews decided to buy it since it is promoted as the flagship radio of Sangean and I thought it will be worth it! To my surprise although it looks beautiful in aesthetics the Shortwave Reception with the built. Sangean ATS-909X. Das dritte von mir vorgestellte Modell kommt von Sangean. Mit dem Modell ATS-909X hat der Hersteller volle Arbeit geleistet. Kunden sind mit dem Modell äußerst zufrieden und bewerten es durchgehend sehr gut. Auch dieses Modell hat neben einem LW/MW/KW/UKW-Tuner noch viele weitere Funktionen wie zum Beispiel einen Wecker, eine Weltzeituhr, sowie Speicherplatz für über 400. • Weltempfänger ATS-909X w UKW-Stereo / LW / MW / KW PLL-Syntheziser Weltempfänger Farben • Schwarz • Silber • • • • Sangean Europe » Weltempfänger » ATS-909X w: UKW-Stereo / LW / MW / KW P..

El 06-07-11 1:03, rkhalona escribió: > On Jul 1, 8:33 pm, wrote: >> On Jul 1, 6:36 pm, > wrote: >> >> >> >> >> ANT-60 PORTABLE SW ANTENNA Included with the A TS-909 is the Sangean ANT-60 Portable SW Antenna. The antenna is plugged into jack (26) labeled EXT AM ANT. When fully extended this antenna should improve SW reception. For maximum performance this antenna should be placed as high as possible above the ground and in an unobstructed area if possible. Page 14 BATTERIES 4x1.5 Volt (AA) External. On Jul 1, 6:36*pm, rkhalona > wrote: > On Jul 1, 2:55*am, RHF > wrote: > > > > > > > On Jun 29, 11:12*am, rkhalona > Sangean Ats-909X Bedienungsanleitung. Sangean ATS 909 - Receiver - Bedienungsanleitung -- Kostenlose Reparaturanleitungen, Bedienungsanleitungen und Handbücher für eine Vielzahl an elektronischen Geräten. The ATS-909X is supplied with 39 pages of SW memory pre-programmed. Not all of the stations pre-programmed into the memories will be receivable, some will only be receivable at certain. Does anyone know what the Sangean ATS-909's external antenna input impedance is? I searched for days for documentation on that radio and found plenty, mods, schematics, service manuals, reviews, but no straight word on the impedance of that input! (Not even in the service manual specs). The only reference I found was a from a guy on a 7-page set of ham reviews, and all he said was that it was.

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  1. The ATS-909X is the flagship of the Sangean line. It packs features and performance into a very compact and stylish package. Coverage includes all long wave (153-519 kHz), medium wave (520-1710 kHz) and all shortwave frequencies (1711-29999 kHz). FM and FM stereo to the headphone jack is also available (87.5-108 MHz). The new enlarged LCD features a bright white LED for excellent clarity.
  2. Sangean has put out a bewildering array of mid size AM/FM portables in this product line over the last few years. Many seem so similar that it is impossible to tell them apart without a score card. And surprisingly, there are few comparative reviews online (like Jay Allen's side-by-side of a DSP-based and PLL-based RF model, which inconceivably found no performance differences!)
  3. Sangean ATS-909X in excellent condition. Purchased from RadioLabs, who added their ClearMod Modification, ( sticker on box ) which enhances and improves audio ( over the standard 909X ) In addition, the detent on the tuning wheel has been removed, which, in my opinion, improves operation of the radio. ( firmware version 1.29, my opinion 1.29 was better than the last version P-01, which was.
  4. I received my Sangean Super 909 back from you last week following the modification which RadioLabs accomplished. There are a number of improvements which literally JUMP OUT at me! First of all when I turn on the radio, I see that the display has a new BLUE color! This is simply magnificent. I recommend this upgrade to everyone who owns a 909! The next thing that I notice is that the radio is.
  5. PS -- You might try contacting Sangean. They still make the 909X, and I would hazard a guess the same speaker may work. Or one of the 909X modification people, like the RadioLabs company mentioned by the other poster. I think I've seen them mentioned before in the old DX magazines, as a modifier of 909's and 909X's. From their website, it looks like they repair Sangeans: Sangean Radio Repair.

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  1. Sangean ats-909x. Post by kar1ton » Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:02 pm Just purchased yesterday, with long wire blind nothing with reel antenna noise wwv 5,10,15 MHz very weak. A company offer modify for $80 any thoughts. 73 iamkd5fpj. Top. Richard Posts: 565 Joined: Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:04 pm Location: Maryland. Re: Sangean ats-909x. Post by Richard » Sun Jul 01, 2018 2:29 pm I'd return it as.
  2. From Sangean website and it's 329 Euro's not much more than a Tecsun PL-990x which is a good radio but bad sound on SSB, so I will be selling it soon. SSB is great even if you don't listen to the amateur radio bands, you can while listening to a SW station use USB/LSB to reduce fading and also to reduce interference from another close station.
  3. Mit dem S2000 ist TECSUN ein Meisterstück gelungen. Vielleicht kommt dem einen oder anderen dieser Weltempfänger vertraut vor. Das ist kein Wunder, sind doch die legendären Satelliten-Modelle von Grundig Pate gestanden. Endlich gibt es wieder einen tollen Tischempfänger in der Tradition der berühmten 70er Jahre Empfänger, im perfekten Retro-Design samt Chrom-Griffen. Empfangsbereiche von.

The ATS-909X2 is the new flagship of the Sangean line. This Third Generation '909' follows in the proud tradition of the successful ATS-909X and original ATS-909. It packs features and performance into a compact and stylish package. Coverage includes all long wave (153-519 kHz), medium wave (520-1710 kHz) and all shortwave frequencies (1711-29999 kHz). The tuning steps (via knob and arrows. Sangean' s new and much improve ats 909x world band fm stereo lw am sw aux pll synthesized portable receiver is the flagship of the sangean line receivers. it provides performance and features generally found in the more expensive table top communication receivers into a very compact and stylish package. Ac adapter, carrying pouch, earbuds and sw antenna (ant 60) the ats 909x has 3 alarms. Sangean has developed into one of the world's largest manufacturers of shortwave portable receivers and makes sets from the very cheap budget end to sets like the new 909. The design team in the United States and Taiwan have developed quite a few original ideas over the last few years and a lot of innovations have been combined into the new ATS-909. Basics. The grey-coloured cabinet takes up.

SANGEAN ATS-909X Weltempfänger, schwarz, guter gebrauchter Zustand, inkl. Netzteil, Tasche, keine... Versand möglich. 153 € 27324 Hämelhausen. 20.01.2021. Galaxys Weltempfänger. Galaxys Weltempfänger Mod. Nr G 1380 Es handelt sich um ein älteres Gerät welches aber... Versand möglich . 10 € 27624 Elmlohe. 19.01.2021. PLL Weltempfänger von Medion. Ich verkaufe im Auftrag einen. Just received a new Sangean ATS-909X black color from Amazon. I knew all about the so called deafness of the 909x. As of now my most sensitive small radio is my Tecsun PL-680. I took the 680 and the 909X out on my balcony in Cebu, Philippines and tested sensitivity and selectivity. Both radios were side by side, but not so close as to have any interference from each radio. Only the whips were.

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I have 2 Sangean ATS 909X radios at this time & love them. My 1st one bit the dust late in '19 after 5 years of hard use & the part that went out had been changed in newer models so it couldn't be replaced. I bought another , a refurbished one & then after a few weeks bought another refurb. At this time shortwave band conditions aren't too good so most of the time I don't even bother using the. Sangean ATS-909X FM-RBDS / MW / LW / SW PLL Synthesized Receiver La radiodifusión de onda corta puede estar disminuyendo, pero no está muerta todavía. L

The low cost Chinese MW122A 117 VAC transformer type regulated power supply can be modified for STABLE use with the Drake SW-8 , Grundig Satellit 800 , Tecsun HAM2000, eton e1, Sangean ATS-909X 2 receivers that can require a pretty good amount of current at 9 VDC (for a portable). As stock it operates way too hot at 600 ma current draw and I would expect failure in time if modifications are. item 6 Sangean ATS-909X Radio Tuner - 27 x FM, 9 x LW, 18 x MW, 352 x SW, 1 Presets 6 - Sangean ATS-909X Radio Tuner - 27 x FM, 9 x LW, 18 x MW, 352 x SW, 1 Presets. $263.43. Free shipping. Last one. item 7 Sangeanr Ats-909X-Bk Multbnd Am/Fm/Sw Rcvr Blk 7 - Sangeanr Ats-909X-Bk Multbnd Am/Fm/Sw Rcvr Blk. $317.40 . Free shipping. item 8 Sangean FM/LW/MW/SW Synthesized Receiver Radio With Sleeve. Hello Ramon, Really strange, as with the old 909, the difference is clearly noticable, even with the tone setting on news. They Sangean guys probalby did something weird, as normally you wor Once again, the Sangean ATS-909X struggled to hear the signal, having the least sensitivity of the group. A note about the Sangean ATS-909X. Alas, the most disappointing radio in all of these tests is the Sangean ATS-909X. To be fair, however, it's worth noting that the Sangean performs admirably if connected to an external antenna

Rain Resistant to JIS4 Standard; Dust Resistant; Shock Resistant; Digital PLL Tuner FM and AM; Large Backlit LCD Display; 12 Memory Preset Stations (6 FM, 6 AM They Sangean guys probalby did something weird, as normally you work on wide only in case of interference from an adjacent station or noise you switch to the narrow setting to get a readable signal, bu Sangean Rcr-10 - White Am/Fm Atomic Clock Radio With Ipod Dock - White Docking Station; WRITE A REVIEW; Sangean Table-Top Speaker System With AM/FM-RDS Radio And iPod Dock; WRITE A REVIEW; Sangean DDR-63 Wi-Fi Internet Table Top Radio with iPod Dock Docking Station; WRITE A REVIEW; Sangean DT220V AM/FM/TV Radio; WRITE A REVIEW ; Sangean WR-1; WRITE A REVIEW; Sangean SG-622 12 Band Compact. Sangean ATS-909X/Hammarlund SP-600/suburban 83m horizontal loop. 2 points · 11 months ago. Congratulations! I've run my 909X (black) nearly every day for almost five years. Still works perfectly. SSB peformance of this radio is top notch. Plug an external antenna of just about any kind into this beast and get ready for some DX. Buy some NiMH rechargeable batteries and charge them inside the.

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Man, that Sangean was totally owned by the Tecsun. If it weren't for my fear of mechanical wear and Tecsun's analog potentiometers, I'd buy one. But since the 909X doesn't have a sync detector nor continuous LW-MW (how is that possible in a 200USD portable!), I'd be better off with the cheaper Degen 1103. Thanks for the comparison message the mods; hamrad88; about moderation team » discussions in u/hamrad88 < > X. TRRS #2141 - What?? - New Problem in Latest Sangean ATS-909x. 1 . TRRS #2139 - Not 2 But 4 Speakers Inside the Tecsun H-501X. 1 . TRRS #2138 - Retekess TR105 - AM/FM/SW/CB/Air/VHF Band Radio. 1 . TRRS #2136 - Tecsun H-501X - So Many Buttons, Knobs and Display Info. 1 . TRRS #2135 - Tecsun H-501X Multiband. Sangean ATS 909X je nová verze známého světového přijímače ATS 909. ATS909X patří k současné špičce v oblasti světových přijímačů. Pokud nebereme v úvahu vzhled ATS-909, postupoval Sangean metodou postupných změn. Proto zůstávají obsluha a základní prvky obdobné jako u předchozího modelu. Vylepšeny ale byly některé dílčí prvky podle přání a ohlasu.

A Sangean ATS-909X szintézeres többsávos világvevő a következő teljesítményt képes nyújtani: URH / HH / KH / RH rádióállomások vétele 406 memóriahely (URH 3 oldal: 27 tárhely / HH 1 oldal: 9 tárhely/ KH 2 oldal: 18 tárhely / RH 39 oldal: 351 tárhely + 1 prioritás adó tárhely) 5 féle állomáskeresési mód: közvetlen frekvenciaválasztás, automatikus adókeresés. The 909X is not overly sensitive on the external antenna jack and it appears Sangean designed it to work decently with modest passive antennas. While camping in Washington, I've used the 909X with a 100 ft. longwire with no overload problems and ample signal pickup. Here in suburban Seattle, lesser radios start overloading with 30 feet of wire but the 909X was able to handle 60 feet before any. My PL-600 doesn't have the resistor 'mod' in it. Also my PL-600 is off frequency by 1 khz.. Every AM SW station I tune into i see a stronger signal 1 khz down from where it should be. Yes I am knocking the PL-600. Tecsun should have done better. J. joncleve Member. Premium Subscriber. Joined Dec 23, 2001 Messages 262 Location Western NC. Jan 2, 2021 #6 My Sangean ATS-909X is exactly the same. sangean-ats-909x-b-szintezeres-vilagvevo-fekete_2cf1e33b.jpg. Raktáron Raktáron . Garancia: 1 év - garancia FM/MW/LW/SW lefedettség AUX-In bemenet 406 memóriahely . Extra évek Részletes leírás » Óvd készüléked - Extra Garancia. Extra Garancia Standard + 12 hónap garancia 5 949 Ft + 24 hónap garancia 7 649 Ft + 36 hónap garancia 10 411 Ft. Extra Garancia Prémium + 12 hónap. Sangean ATS-909X W FM-Sztereó / MW / LW / SW szintézeres világvevő (fehér), FM-Sztereó / MW / LW / SW PLL szintézeres világvevő, 406 memóriahely (FM: 27, / LW: 9 / MW: 18 / SW: 351 Presets / +1 prioritás memória), 5 féle állomáskeresési mód, ATS automatikus állomáskeresés, ATS (Auto Tuning System), jelerősség kijelzé

Portable Radio Sangean ATS-909X User Manual (41 pages) Portable Radio Sangean Sangean DT-210 Operating Instructions Manual. Sangean electronics operating instruction portable radio dt-210/l/v (60 pages) Portable Radio Sangean DT-200V Owner's Manual. Fm-stereo/am/tv pll synthesized receiver (13 pages) Portable Radio SANGEAN U3 User Manual (22 pages) Portable Radio SANGEAN WR-3 User Manual (121. Sangean ATS-909X BK Shortwave Portable Receiver (1) Write a Review. OUT OF STOCK. FM/MW/SW; Overview. Specs. Reviews. ATS-909X FM-RBDS / MW / LW / SW PLL Synthesized Receiver. FEATURES. 406 Memory Preset Stations; ATS (Auto Tuning System) Auto Scan; Five Tuning Methods: Direct Frequency Tuning, Auto Scan, Manual Tuning, Memory Recall and Rotary Tuning ; Large LCD Screen with Bright LED.

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  1. Has Radio Labs mods. S/N 71021927. [02/11] Click here for technical info on this discontinued model: UJ62 Sangean ATS-909 $129.95 SOLD Portable LW-MW-SW-FM Radio The Sangean ATS-909 has full coverage of: LW, AM, FM and SW. It has 1 kHz backlit LCD display. Tuning is via 306 memories, keypad or knob. Has right side controls for volume, MW step, tone and tuning rate. The left side has an.
  2. Sangean ATS-909X b világvevő rádió fekete. Tulajdonságok: FM-Sztereó / MW / LW / SW PLL szintézeres világvevő ; 406 memóriahely (FM: 27, / LW: 9 / MW: 18 / SW: 351 Presets / +1 prioritás memória) 5 féle állomáskeresési mód, ATS automatikus állomáskeresés, ATS (Auto Tuning System) Jelerősség kijelzés FM/MW/LW sávban ; FM RDS / RBDS (PS, PTY, RT, CT) DSP dekóder IC a.
  3. Sangean ats 909x filter modification Sangean ats 909x filter modification. . B2b in jalan rimbunan Jan 14, 2015. Two strategies to improve Sangean ATS-909X sensitivity. Have any readers performed the transformer mod on the '909X with success?. In other words: The front end AND RF preamp is fed (After filtering and Adaptor . I have two reasons to write this article about the Sangean ATS-909X.

Fm / mw / lw / sw pll synthesized receiver sangean ats-909x (53 pages) Receiver Sangean ATS-909X Manual (12 pages) Receiver Sangean ATS-405 Manual (33 pages) Receiver Sangean DT-200VX Operating Instructions Manual. Fm stereo / am / tv 19 memory presets pll synthesized receiver (13 pages) Receiver Sangean H203D Manual (26 pages) Receiver Sangean WR-2 Instruction Manual. Fm rds/am digital. SANGEAN ATS-909X AM/FM/LW/SW/SSB Shortwave World Band Receiver FM RDS - Black - $223.19. FOR SALE! Sangean ATS-909X AM/FM/LW/MW/SW Shortwave World Band Receiver FM RBDS (RDS)-Black; Lightly Used 13369831510 ** Sangean ATS-909X - By rights this radio should score higher and on an overall basis it would, but its AM and SW stand-alone reception is fairly insensitive. Medium strength signals which are free-enough of noise to be pleasant to listen to on the radios higher on this list have a strong hiss component on the 909 similar to the PL-660 which makes them hard to enjoy. The ATS-909x is overall. Just got my new Sangean ATS 909X and I am loving it. Picked up what sounds like Radio Havana. Will play with it some more

Sangean ATS-909X observations RadioReference

Sangean is one of the world's largest manufacturers of portable radios, providing a number of portable receivers that range in price from US$90 to US$270 (street prices). Sangean launched the ATS-505 in the USA during March 2000. It is an affordable radio offering good performance and some features of more expensive radios. Introduction . The titanium matte finish ATS-505 (centre) is larger. View and Download Sangean ATS-818 CS service manual online. ATS-818 CS radio pdf manual download Since '96 I have a Sony icf-d7600. Now I bought this Sangean. The sound of this Sangean is much better then the sound of the Sony. Earlier reviews show bad reports in this respect for the Sangean. It seems to be that there was a redesign. SSB conversations are received loud and clear. It is a joy to have this receiver Sangean ATS 909X je nová verzia známeho ATS 909. ATS909X je v súčasnosti špičkovým modelom SANGEAN v segmente svetových prijímačov. Vďaka zmenám v známej sérii ATS-909 SANGEAN vedome postupoval mierne - okrem optiky. V dôsledku toho sa osvedčená prevádzka z predchádzajúceho modelu do značnej miery zachovala, ale v niektorých oblastiach bola prispôsobená tak, aby.

Sangean ATS-909X: A Second Look . In Spring 2011 Sangean released a much-awaited update of their flagship ATS-909 multi-band portable radio, dubbed the ATS-909X. Although the new model's number is similar, the radio is a major re-design inside and out. There is some DSP (Digital Signal processing) going on but exactly which circuits utilize DSP and the extent of its function have not been. SANGEAN. ATS-909X; DPR 34+ DAB+/UKW-RDS; DPR 65 DAB+/UKW-RDS; DDR-31 DAB+/UKW- RDS; PR-D5P MW / UKW-RDS; DPR 45; WFR-27C Internet / UKW DAB+; Siebel D10 UKW-Radio/ MP3 Player; Panasonic ; Albrecht. Funkgeräte-Set Tectalk Sport; DR 52 BC DAB+/UKW; DR 56+ Autoradio Adapter; DR 70 DAB+/UKW; DR 422; DR 883 Internet&DAB+; AE 75H Scanner; Sony; Technisat. DIGITRADIO 1; DIGITRADIO 51 Radiowecker.

Sangean ATS-909X receiving SSB Stations on Shortwave - YouTub

TECSUN PL-990x is equipped with an analog High-IF circuit and DSP triple conversion decoding technology. This radio receiver has great performance in sensitivity, selectivity and combating interference of mirror stations (image rejection). Like its predecessor the PL-880, PL-990x comes with a variety of hidden features . TECSUN has further developed the performance of the Class AB Amplifier. Sangean ATS-909X B FM-Sztereó / MW / LW / SW szintézeres világvevő (fekete) Cikkszám: sa-hra-ats909xb. EAN kód: 4711317992051. raktáro This includes the radio we are evaluating here as well as other models from Tecsun, Sangean, Eton/Grundig, Degen and C. Crane. In this context I decided to re-evaluate the Eton Elite 750/Satellit 750/Tecsun S-2000 as it compares with these radios rather than against some of the admittedly more refined receivers of the pastit seems more relevant to today's buyer. Some Of The Radios Ready. Download >> Download Sangean ats 909x manual Read Online >> Read Online Sangean ats 909x manual sangean ats-909x firmware update sangean ats909 sangean ats 909x bk am fm lw sw world band receiver manual sangean ats 909x bk professionalsangean hdt 1x firmware. 20 Dec 2015 12 May 2018 The latest acquisition is a Sangean ATS-909X. The manual doesn't clear it up a lot but I finally figured out.

Sangean ats 909x - YouTub

Der kleine und feine Weltempfänger wurde für das Modelljahr 2018 sanft überarbeitet und lässt beim Empfang nun keine Wünsche mehr offen. Ob in der Küche, Büro im Bad oder auf Reisen, der PL380 überzeugt auf ganzer Linie. Auch der Betrieb mit den weitverbreiteten Batterien bzw. Akkus (AA Mignon) ist sehr praktisch und der Energieverbrauch wurde von TECSUN bei der Überarbeitung nochmals. Mod e d'e mplo i. In struccion s de ma nej o. Gebruiksaa nw ijzing. Bedienungsanle itung. GB. F. E. N L. D. U 2. U t i l i t y R a d i o. Whatsapp Mail Facebook Ask a question. Need help? Number of questions: 0 Do you have a question about the Sangean U-2 or do you need help? Ask your question here. Provide a clear and comprehensive description of the issue and your question. The more detail. Sangean ATS 909 ( Filter & PI Mod) Nach oben. michaaush Beiträge: 59 Registriert: Fr 31. Aug 2018, 17:48. Re: DX: 01.07.2020 Sporadic-E (UKW) Beitrag von michaaush » Mi 1. Jul 2020, 17:54 . Hier viel arabisches im unteren Band Bisher identifiziert: 87.60 Tatouine Zarsis mit RDS. Hannover-Davenstedt 52.37N 9.67O UKW: Panasonic RF-D30BT DAB+: Panasonic RF-D30BT, Gixa-Stick mit Andi's Player. Mod e d'e mplo i. In struccion s de ma nej o. Gebruiksaa nw ijzing. Bedienungsanle itung. GB. F. E. N L. D. U 2. U t i l i t y R a d i o. Whatsapp Mail Facebook Frage stellen. Brauchen Sie Hilfe? Anzahl der Fragen: 0 Haben Sie eine Frage zum Sangean U-2 oder benötigen Sie Hilfe? Stellen Sie hier Ihre Frage. Geben Sie eine klare und umfassende Beschreibung des Problems und Ihrer Frage an. Je. Sangean CL-100 NOAA, S.A.M.E /Public Alert Weather Clock Radio Tested / adapter 4.5 out of 5 stars (34) 34 product ratings - Sangean CL-100 NOAA, S.A.M.E /Public Alert Weather Clock Radio Tested / adapte

Re: Sangean ATS-909x question - Google Group

Sangean_ATS-909X_user_FR.pdf Sangean_ATS-909X_user_IT.pdf Sangean_ATS-909_mod.zip Sangean_ATS-909_sch.pdf Sangean_ATS-909_serv.pdf Sangean_ATS-909_user.pdf Sangean_ATS-909_user_FR.pdf Sangean_ATS-909_user_other.pdf Sangeans_ATS-818_review_IT_1997.pdf Sawdust sch.pdf Sawdust_user.pdf Scanner_SX-200_serv.pdf Scout_Regen_user.pdf Sony_AN-LP1_serv.pdf Sony_Air-7_Air-8_serv.pdf Sony_Air-7_user.pdf.

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